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Ayurvedic Beauty Care
This hospital offers host of beauty care solutions and treatments. Increase skin complexion and enhance body figure with Ayurvedic beauty care therapies offered by Dr Chandran's Ayurveda Hospital. Lavanya Sutra is the division of Ayurveda that deals with beauty care.

The beauty care package includes herbal face pack, herbal cream massage, medicinal oil massage, intake of herbal oil, practice of yoga, and following a special diet and food regime.

Ayurveda has put in place the most efficient methods of beauty care, which are firmly rooted on nature. Beauty is not a standalone product – it is the sum of mental, physical and physiological well being. You will find here the right kind of Ayurveda beauty therapies, which put in your skin a healthy glow.

Beauty is not skin-deep. Beauty must come from within. The skin should have a healthy, natural glow and not the shining of any make ups. No amount of makeup can come close to the real beauty.

Yoga, diet, lifestyle, etc all have an impact on the beauty of a woman. Knowledgeable women understand the best beauty care is Ayurvedic beauty care. You will find the best beauty treatments and therapies that keep your skin glowing naturally healthy.


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