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Facilities and Amenities

Chandran's Ayurveda Hospital now works from a fully equipped hospital building located at Manacaud in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.
The facilities include an Ayurveda Clinic, Ayurveda pharmacy, Panchakarma Center, Yoga Hall, Library, Dental Clinic, Canteen, Ac and non-Ac rooms, and free car parking facilities.

Ayurveda Clinic

Ayurveda clinic is fully equipped with modern amenities. The clinic is also served by a team of qualified and recognized Ayurvedic physicians, under the leadership of Dr Chandrasekharan.


Ayurveda Pharmacy

The Ayurveda pharmacy at Dr Chandran's Ayurveda Hospital uses medicines from Nagarjuna, the GMP certified, accredited and globally recognized manufacturers of genuine Ayurvedic medicines. The patients to this hospital can find all the medicines they need during the treatment.


Panchakarma Theatre

Dr Chandrans Ayurveda Hospital has a fully equipped Panchakarma center with separate rooms for men and women, seven thonis, two dhara stands, facilities for steam bath, rest room and attached bathroom with hot water facilities.


Yoga Hall

The yoga center at Chandran's Ayurveda Hospital guarantees a serene atmosphere, conductive to practicing yoga and meditation. You can also find here yoga lessons and guidance to meditation.



A modern library has Ayurvedic books, medicine books, clinical books, yoga books, dentistry books and story books for serious readers.


Dental Clinic

The dental clinic is fully equipped to handle all different kinds of dental procedures including root canal therapy. Served by a qualified dentist, you will find here a dental care backed by Ayurveda tradition and by modern dental care practices.



Fresh, Ayurvedic food will be served everyday at the canteen in clean settings. The canteen floors, desks and seats are cleaned everyday to ensure hygienic conditions. The food we serve at the canteen is suited for patients of almost all kinds and healthy eating choice for others too.


Rooms: Total 25 Beds

The hospital has 25 beds, spread across different categories.

1. A/C Rooms 2. Non A/C Rooms 3. Semi Special Rooms
  A. T.V
B. A/C
C. Water Heater
D. Two Beds
E. Attached Bathroom
  A. T.V
B. Water Heater
C. Two Beds
D. Attached Bathroom
  A. Two Beds
B. Attached Bathroom
4. Twin Rooms 5. Cabin Rooms    
  A. Two Beds/
    One Bed & One Thoni
B. Attached Bathroom
  A. Single Bed/
B. Common Bathroom
Carparking Area

Free car parking facility is available for patients and their companions

Other Facilities

  • Ayurvedic Medicines Exporting.
  • Free counselling & seminars for living style.
  • On request we provide Ayurvedic diet & guidance.


  • Yoga Meditation Course
  • Massage Course
  • Principles of Panchakarma Treatments


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