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Chandran's Ayurveda Hospital maintains the 5000-year tradition of Ayurveda and utilizes contemporary and modern approach to healthcare and treatments. A unique blend of tradition and modern approaches, Chandran's Ayurveda Hospital offers remedies to variety of ailments. The hospital is fully equipped to offer remedies for all kinds of diseases. The treatments are decided after a thorough clinical checkup.

There are also preventive treatments, special rejuvenation packages and massage therapies that healthy persons can undergo. Travel operators can also contact for special treatments.

Ayurvedic Therapies


1. Panchakarma Treatment for Overall Fitness

Panchakarma Therapy is a set of five clinical procedures, scientifically formulated for body cleansing. The therapies in Panchakarma releases toxins from the body and facilitate healthy well-being.

Panchakarma is done individually for each person with their specific constitution and specific disorder or need in mind, thus it requires close observation and supervision.


2. Pizhichil

Pizhichil for Spondilosis, Rheumatic diseases like Arthritis, Paralysis, Hemiplegia, Nervous Weaknesses & Nervous Disorders

Application of lukewarm herbal oil all over the body by 2-4 trained technicians in a specific rhythmic way for about 60-90 minutes per day. It is done for about 7-21 days.


3. Njavarakizhi

The whole body is made to perspire by the external application of medicated rice packs in the form of boluses tied in muslin bags.


4. Dhara (thakra dhara, ksheera, thaila thara)

For chronic headaches, insomania, mental tension & cases of hysteria, hallucination & insanity. Herbal oils, medicated milk or butter milk & decoctions are poured on the forehead or whole body in a special manner.


5. Vasti(enema)(matra vasti, sneha vasti, kashaya)

For paralysis, sexual disorders, constant constipation, etc. Herbal oils, herbal extracts, etc are applied through the rectum.


6. Sirovasti

For dryness of nostrils, mouth & throat, severe headaches, facial paralysis & burning sensation in the head Lukewarm herbal oil is poured into a leather cap fitted on the head for specific durations as per physician's recommendation.


7. Udvardhanam

For Hemiplegia, Paralysis, Obesity & certain Rheumatic Ailments. This is a typical massage with herbal powder for about 60 minutes daily. This gives mobility to the joints, strengthens muscles & refreshes the body.


8. Abhayangam

Oil massage to enhance blood circulation, muscle toning and to treat obesity, diabetic gangrene, etc.


9. Nasyam

For paralysis, headaches, mental disorders, skin conditions, etc. It is the method of nasal administration of medicated herbal preparations, decoction oils, ghee etc to eliminate the morbid factors from the head & neck area.


10. Snehapanam

For Osteaarthritis, Leukemia etc. Medicated ghee is given internally in a gradually increased quantity for specific periods.


11. Tharpanam

This treatment is for eyes, aimed at preventing cataract and strengthening vision.


12. Marma Chikitsa

For Musculo-Skeletal Ailments due to Trauma or Accidents.


13. Kizhi (elakkizhi, podikkizhi, mamsakkizhi)

For osteo arthritis, spondylitis, etc. Herbal leaves, flowers, or flesh of animals are made into boluses to apply medicated oil on the whole body. The treatment is for 45 minutes a day and 7 to 14 days a course.


14. Lepam (anna lepam, sirolepam, sirajalalepam)

For skin diseases, brain diseases, insomnia, varicose veins, muscular injury, atrophy, etc. Special medicinal herbs are made into a paste and are applied on body or body parts for 20-90 minutes.


15. Rakthamoksham

To drain out impure blood and to cure spleen problems, toxicity, skin conditions, migraine, etc. Special medicinal herbs are made into a paste and are applied on body or body parts for 20-90 minutes.


16. Kapada sayanam (or false sleep)

This is a treatment for spinal problems.


17. Ksharasoothram for fistula

Threads seasoned with special medicines are used to treat the condition.


18. Dhadhu Kshayam – Rasayana-Vajeekarana Chikitsa.

This treatment aims at strengthening of sexual organs, strengthening of shukra dhadhu (semen) and physical rejuvenation for aging people. This treatment uses variety of herbal combinations, massage therapies, lifestyle modifications and yoga therapy for physical strength and sexual potency. It is a total healthcare package, where the whole body is taken care of.


19. Hereditary diseases cleaning up – for Couples. & Singles.

This is a purification therapy for expecting couples and singles with serious hereditary conditions. The purification therapy essentially prepares the couple to bear a healthy child. The therapy aims at neutralising the effects of heredity, in such a way to ensure healthy offspring. The treatment includes Vajeekarana chikitsa, panchakarma, rasayana chikitsa, etc according to the kind of therapies chosen.

Prime Treatments in Ayurveda.

1. Rejuvenation massage

Regains lost sheen and vitality of body. The therapy includes body massage with herbal oils or medicinal powders with hand.


2. General massage

This massage therapy aims at toning up muscles and improving blood circulation.


3. Body purification therapy (Sodhana Chikitsa)

It includes panchakarma and swetha karma.

4. Body Immunization Treatment – (Longevity Therapy, Kayakalpa Chikitsa)
The long recognized treatment for reversing ageing process, revitalizing body cells & immunization of body system. It includes intake of Rasayana (special Ayurvedic medicines & diet) and comprehensive body care Programs. It gives maximum return when undertaken before the age of 50. Both men and women can undergo this treatment.

5. Body, Mind and Soul

The ultimate stress buster, coming with yoga, meditation and Ayurvedic medicines, this treatment's goal is to bring the synergetic effect of body, mind and soul for optimum health.


6. Slimming Program

This programme includes two types of massages - medicated herbal oil massage and medicated herbal powder massage. Intake of herbal juices & preparations along with simple exercises are advised. Patients need to stick to certain dietary regulations while undertaking Ayurvedic treatments of all kinds.


7. Ayurvedic Beauty Care (AYUR BEAUTY)

This includes herbal face package, herbal cream massage, herbal oil massage & intake of herbal tea improves the body figure & increases the skin complexion.


8. Karnapooranam for Ear Ailments

Medicated oils are applied to the ear for 5-10 minutes daily to clean as well as treat specific ailments.


9. Tharpanam

A cleaning process for the eyes, it strengthens optical nerves and gives eyes a cooling effect.


10. Uthara Vasti

A cure to infertility, genital infections.


11. Greeva Bandanam

For cervical spondilosis, back pain, degeneration of bones, etc.


12. Anjanam

Specially prepared Ayurvedic medicines are applied on eyes to cure various eye conditions.


13. Rejuvenation Therapy – Rasayana Chikitsa

This treatment aims at strengthening Primary vitality (OJAS) & Mental clarity (SATTVA). It enhances immunity and prevents diseases affecting body and mind. This therapy tones up the skin, rejuvenates & strengthens all the tissues so as to achieve ideal health & longevity. This treatment utilizes variety of therapies including herbal baths, rejuvenative medicines, oil massages, etc, depending on the age and physical conditions of the persons.


14. Medicated Steam Bath – Body Sudation (Swedan Karma)

Precious herbs & herbal leaves are boiled and the steam is passed over the entire body for 10 to 20 minutes a day. Hand massage with herbal oils or herbal powder improves blood circulation & tones up the muscles. This treatment can help better manage rheumatoid conditions and join pains. It improves complexion of skin, eliminates impurities from the body & reduces fat.


15. Yoga & Meditation

Meditation is a powerful tool that strengthens mind and facilitates mind control. It strengthens positives energy and instills compassion, patience and wisdom. It frees us from conflicting emotions & erroneous beliefs. Yoga guides you to the healthiest lifestyle you can get and guarantees you natural physical energy and freedom from diseases of all kinds.


The eight steps to yoga practice are:

  • Disciplined Behaviour (yama)
  • Self Purification (niyama)
  • Bodily Postures such as the lotus position (asana)
  • Control of breathing (pranayama)
  • Control of the senses (pratyahara)
  • Fixing of the mind on a chosen object (dharana)
  • Meditation (dhyana)
  • Samadhi- a state of being where you experience absolute tranquility & well being


Haemorrhoids & Bleeding Piles
Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis & Joint Pain
Dermatitis, Eczema, Itching, Bacterial & Fungal Infections
Bronchial Asthma, Acute & Chronic Bronchitis, Cough & Pharyngitis
Acute & Chronic Cough associated with Common Cold, Sore Throat, Allergy & Smoking
Diabetes Mellitus & Diabetes Neuropathy
Mental Stress & Strain, Brainfag & Loss of Memory. OIL can also be used for Dandruff, Pre-mature Graying & Falling Hair.  
General Debility, Lethargy, Lassitude, Pre-mature Ageing & Loss of Libido. 
Hyperacidity, Peptic & Duodenal Ulcers & reflects Oesophagitis.
Non-specific Leucorrhoea, Dysmeaorrhoea & Backache.
General Weakness, Loss of Appetite, Anaemia, Loss of Weight & Stamina.
Obesity, Excess Fat & Formation of New Fat.
Loss of Libido, Sexual Neurasthenia, Pre-mature Ejaculation, Functional Impotence & Frigidity.
Hepatitis, Alcoholic Lever disease, Sluggish Lever & Digestive Disorders.
All conditions of Arthritis.


**   Points to note:

*  Every individual is prescribed for treatment only after careful diagnostic process.

*  Duration of treatment is decided only on the advice of the physician.

*  * Some of the programmes are not suitable for the very aged, very young (under 7) infirm, heart patient & pregnant women.

*  If you have a previous medical history of heart trouble, blood pressure, diabetes, chronic skin diseases or asthma, please inform your physician in advance.

*   • Advance reservation is recommended.


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